How the Process Works


Step 1: Free Consultation

We start by sitting down with you to talk about the scope of the project you have in mind. We can tailor your project to focus on a particular chapter of the narrator’s life, or we can conduct more in-depth interviews to cover the narrator’s entire life. We work within the limits of your budget. The cost of your project is determined by the number of interview hours and by the amount and types of photos and documents you’d like included in the book. (Note: if you have already written your manuscript, skip to step 5.)

Step 2: Interviewing

Next we schedule and begin the interview sessions. We conduct the interviews at a time and in a place that’s comfortable for the narrator. Most interviews are conducted in the narrator’s home. Clients typically enjoy telling stories from their pasts and sometimes find the process of reminiscing to be rejuvenating and cathartic.

(Currently, we are conducting all consultations remotely because of Covid-19.)

Step 3: Transcribing

After the interviewing is completed, the recordings are transcribed word for word.

Step 4: Constructing the Narrative

Next we construct a flowing, cohesive narrative from the transcript. We move sections of the narrative to proper chronological order, insert appropriate headings, and do substantial editing (always remaining sensitive to your “voice”). We don’t make you sound like someone different; rather, we make sure you sound like yourself telling your story in the best way possible.

The completed narrative is then professionally copyedited. Afterward, it is delivered to you for your review and corrections and changes, if any.

At this point, we scan in your chosen graphic elements—photos (b&w or color, as you desire), documents, and memorabilia. We use Photoshop and other software to make basic corrections and improvements to the photos—fixing fading, erasing creases, and eliminating water spots or marks. (Want someone removed from a photo? Or some other significant change? Ask us!)

THe PROCESS_Andi and Garbarinos no glass

Step 5: Interior Book Design & Layout

Our book design is professional and timeless. We use classic book fonts in classic book sizes. Your photos with captions are placed where you desire. (Of course, if you prefer something unusual or avant-garde, just let us know!)

Step 6: Proofreading

After we incorporate your changes, we have the final page proofs professionally proofread. We send you the page proofs for your final approval.

Step 7: Cover Design

Next we work on your book cover. We invite you to judge our books by their covers! As the first thing your family and friends see, the cover sets the mood for your book. We take extra care to create an evocative cover for your book. We first talk to you about your ideas and preferences, and then we work with a graphic artist to have a cover designed exclusively for your project. We make sure that your cover is just what you want—from understated and elegant (think embossed lettering on leather) to knock-your-socks-off color. We want you to love the look of your book.

The Final Step: Printing and Binding

The last step is printing and binding. You may order as many copies as you like. We deliver your books after a quality-control check. The final step is our favorite because clients are thrilled to be holding their beautiful book in their hands—their legacy journey completed!

Printing options


The fastest and least expensive method, “short run” digital printing is generally used to print 1 to 400 copies. These days, quality digital printing by an experienced printer is virtually indistinguishable from offset printing.

Offset (traditional inked printing)

This option is often most cost-effective for printing more than 400 copies or if you want the highest printing quality.

We work with many digital and offset printers—and we’ll select one that gives you what you want at a price that works with your budget

Binding options

Softcover with adhesive binding (a.k.a. perfect binding)
The pages are bound with adhesive to the inside of the cover

The pages are either bound with adhesive or sewn

Artisan-produced, you have a choice of leather or book cloth embossed, debossed, foil stamped, and other methods to customize your special cover.