Company and Organizational Histories

Every business has a story to tell. Who founded your company? How was it launched? What strategies did the founders embrace to overcome early obstacles? What lucky breaks were they thankful for? What events and accomplishments have become part of your company’s lore?

As a company grows, a culture develops. Executives, employees, and customers all have their own ways of describing that culture and explaining the company’s success. Personal History Productions LLC can help your organization put its story into words by interviewing the founders, executives, key employees, customers, and others, and then writing and publishing a lasting hardcover book, illustrated with photographs and historical artifacts, that documents your company’s history from its beginnings to the present day.

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Got a major event or anniversary coming up? Consider publishing a book as a beautiful keepsake for your employees, key customers, shareholders, and others. It can be the takeaway gift that reminds them of your company for years to come. 

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A personal history project also make an ideal gift for a founder or key employee retiring after a long, fruitful career. We are proud to have completed personal history projects for founders and executives of American AgCredit, The Permanente Medical Group of Northern California, and Marin Sanitary Services (see samples below), among others.

We also are involved in an ongoing oral history project to document the stories of veterans for Veterans Resource Centers of America. And we have helped the Sonoma County Public Library and its Foundation write and produce newsletters to keep the public apprised of programs and new resources at the library.

Looking for a gift for an executive who is retiring? Or interested in producing a beautiful book or oral history project that tells your company’s history? Call us at (707) 539-5559 for a free consultation. 

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It was an honor for the board to commission this book project and allow me to tell people about my 35-year career with American AgCredit. I enjoyed the experience of reliving my life as I was being interviewed, and my book looks great!” 

—Ron Carli, former chief executive of American AgCredit


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