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Do you have a parent or grandparent whose life story you’d like to record?

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of writing your own life story but didn’t know how to begin.

Many people would like to leave a record of their lives for their children and grandchildren and for future generations. But doing it yourself can be daunting.

We make it easy for you.

We specialize in interviewing people about their lives and presenting their stories in digital audio recordings and  beautiful bound books that they are proud to share with family and friends.

Our projects are also the perfect gift to give to parents celebrating significant birthdays or wedding anniversaries or to corporate and organizational leaders retiring after  long, eventful careers. Telling their stories and recounting memories gives the narrators a chance to reflect on the past and to pass on lessons for the future.

            Zoly v2

          Two-year-old Zoly loves the photos in his favorite book—his grandfather’s personal history.